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Evelyn as many call her is the the initiator and the prime mover of Nevada Women in Trades (NVWIT).

Evelyn Pacheco awarded Certificate of Visitation from Assemblywoman Rochelle T. Nguyen March 18, 2019.


Evelyn Pacheco

Evelyn Pacheco made history as Nevada’s first Black Female to be licensed as a plumber. She has leveraged her experience to help other Black women through her “Nevada Women in Trades” organization.”

I feel I have a special responsibility to give back to other Black women. The women in my life brought me to this point so how could I not now take their gifts to me and pay them forward by mentoring the generation”.

Evelyn recently shared, that her granddaughters are a huge reason why she gives back to the Black female community. Evelyn feels that her granddaughters need to always see and be around empowered black women so that they can have a tradition of empowering other Black women already installed in their DNA.

Her life as a secretary was just paying the bills job she endured but, Evelyn never gave up on becoming more and decided to pursue degrees in business. She left the cold of Minnesota for the warmth, bright lights and opportunities of Las Vegas.

While working at Fitzgerald’s she was recommended as trainee in the Maintenance Department. While there a co-worker told her about a Union Training Program with the Plumbers & Pipe fitters Union Local 525. She applied and after five years of working as an Apprentice while taking care of her family. Evelyn finally made history as Nevada’s first licensed Black female plumber. Letting women know that it doesn’t matter how hard your life is or was, you can still make something of your life. Evelyn is now giving back to the community through her work with Nevada Woman In Trades (NVWIT) with projects such renovating historic black landmarks in Ward 5.

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